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Reviewed by Bellissima Kids

An incredible review of The International Children’s Gallery was sighted on Bellissima Kids yesterday. This is soooooo exciting – I really appreciate Jeanne Omlor‘s support for this great project.

“The International Children’s Gallery is an online gallery for children’s art that is not curated and not judged! Any child (age 0-13) who has art including drawing, painting, crafts, poetry etc. that they and the parents want to show the world is accepted and it is so easy to upload it. What a great way for kids to learn to create for the sake of creating and not to gain a grade or a prize and to be part of this incredible artistic community without borders. The gallery is beautiful to browse for anyone who wants to see art from all over the world that is just precious. I can’t stop browsing. Take a look“

International Children’s Gallery Reviewed by Bellissima Kids

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