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Reviewed by Bellissima Kids

An incredible review of The International Children’s Gallery was sighted on Bellissima Kids yesterday. This is soooooo exciting – I really appreciate Jeanne Omlor‘s support for this great project.

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Gallery Featured in Maeve Magazine

The International Children’s Gallery was featured in the new Christmas issue of Maeve Magazine, a quarterly online magazine published in Australia for women… grown ups… parents… people :)

Thank you JODI ♥♥
Editor in Chief
Maeve Magazine – Raising An Inspired Generation

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Gallery Featured on CurlyBirds

See the world through our childrens’ eyes a world they had a hand in creating The International Children’s Gallery is a new online interactive art gallery for displaying the artwork of children aged 0-13 years old.

Curly Birds – the art of play

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every child’s voice is heard – no matter what the language

International Children’s Gallery – a happy creative space for children, for all children

Do your children like to create?
Would they like for their drawings and paintings to be displayed?
to be able to see their work on their mum or dad’s computer screen and know that other mums, dads and children all over the world are really enjoying seeing their work too?

The actual act of creating is the founding principle of this gallery. If a child is inspired to create in even one home as a result of this project then this truly is a happy space. The gallery is not here to judge or curate – all children’s artwork is valued and published. It’s real, it’s possible, it’s theirs.

Connecting the joy, innocence and creativity of kids from every culture and corner of our world will be a fascinating journey, a journey I hope YOU will join me on.

See the world through our childrens eyes – a world they had a hand in creating.

thank you, Michelle McInerney
a mum

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