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The International Children's Gallery is a dedicated online gallery for children, reflecting their creativity from pre-school through primary school age, preserved for all time. No judging, no curating, this nonprofit gallery is open to any child (age 0-13) who has created - a drawing, painting, craft, poetry etc. that they and the parents want to share with the world. And it is so easy to upload, click click click in three simple steps.

"What a great way for kids to learn to create for the sake of creating and not to gain a grade or a prize and to be part of this incredible artistic community without borders. The gallery is beautiful to browse for anyone who wants to see art from all over the world that is just precious."
Bellissima Kids


Celebrating creativity in the classroom

This new website is a great opportunity for our children to shine and to showcase the incredibly imaginative and creative work that is being created in your classrooms.

We hope that all preschool, montessori and primary school teachers, and arts and craft workshop tutors, will get involved, support and enjoy this great project.

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Step 1: Upload Your Files

Upload all your images together.
Once uploaded click "Next" and you will be able to caption each image individually.

Upload speed is dependent on your internet connections upstream bandwidth.

Step 2: Tag Your Uploads

Tell us a bit more about each image. Help us categorise each image so that it can be easier to find for you and other visitors.

Give as much information as you feel comfortable sharing, first name, age, what the picture is about, etc. We value your privacy and the privacy of your child.

Step 3: Send Your Submission

Your full name, if we need to contact you about this Submission.

This is how we will contact you.

City, County or Region. No need for your entire address.

The country you live in, to help us group and categorise submissions.

If you have any more information that you think might be useful for this submission, please let us know.

Your submission will be given a quick look over by one of our staff. We will contact you when it goes live on

Thank you for your participation.

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