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Gallery Guidelines accepts submissions from children aged 0 to 13. Please read the submission guidelines below in order to avoid any difficulties or delays in having your art displayed.

  • Artwork in is for display only
  • Artwork can be scanned or photographed, but must be of high quality (sharp and bright)
  • Files uploaded need be no more than 72dpi
  • Provide details of artist's name, age and country of residence. Please do not send photos of the artist. Please do not include any offline contact or identifying information.
  • Provide details of the artworks eg. title or caption, materials used etc.
  • School groups are welcome to submit class artwork for display. These works can be displayed individually under the artist's name or as a class group. Details about your school may also be submitted along with class work.
  • Parental permission must be gained in all circumstances before submitting artwork.
  • Your picture must be hand-made. We're not accepting pictures generated with a computer programme at this time.
  • Please do not send pictures of copyrighted characters or copies of existing pictures.
  • Please don't send pictures that are scary, violent, rude, or that would be disturbing to younger children. Artwork of this nature will not be published.
  • We do not accept pictures that suggest the superiority of one country or culture over others.
  • By submitting a picture, you are giving us permission to use it for promotion of website and events.
  • The International Children's Gallery respects the rights of artists, copyright holders and publishers and requires all users to confirm they own the copyright or have permission from the copyright holder to upload content. We comply with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) and other applicable copyright laws and promptly remove content when properly notified. The way to ensure that your artwork doesn't infringe someone else's copyright is to use your skills and imagination to create something completely original.
  • The International Children's Gallery hopes that you will help us protect the rights of artists and creators, and work with us to keep our gallery a creative, legal and positive experience for everyone.

Please Note

- We DO NOT publish personally identifiable offline contact information on children who's work is included in the gallery
- We DO NOT distribute to third parties any information submitted on this site

If you require any assistance in submitting artwork, don't hesitate to contact us at

Information Provided By Parents

It is the parent's responsibility to ensure that only the first name is typed into the name field. We DO NOT collect or publish personally identifiable offline contact information for children.

Information Provided By Teachers

It is the school's/teacher's responsibility to secure parental permission is gained in all circumstances before submitting artwork.


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