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The International Children's Gallery is a loving online space for showcasing the imaginative artwork produced by our children, at home and at school.

This website is dedicated to honouring children’s imaginations and accepts submissions from infancy to age 13 – it is a forum in which the artwork, creativity, joy and innocence of children from every town, city and county will be showcased. The gallery is not here to judge or curate – all children’s artwork is valued and published. It’s real, it’s possible, it’s theirs.

The actual act of creating is the founding principle of this gallery. If a child is inspired to create in even one home as a result of this project then this is a happy space.

The site hosts an online gallery, where children themselves, parents, teachers etc. can upload their original work, in four simple steps. Artwork can include drawing, painting, crafts, poetry etc.

Calling all parents & school teachers

The International Children's Gallery provides an incredible opportunity for our children to shine (brighter)

I hope that parents, schools and teachers (pre-school through primary) from all over the world will get involved, support and enjoy this great project.

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The International Children's Gallery is a not-for-profit project for children aged 0 to 13yrs.


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